Player anton76 posted a message on 03/06 04:54 on the MadLotto Forum: mega challenge. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  mega challenge
03/06/2008 11:14:15


apart from "Wall Street", scratch games are not taken into account for the Mega Challenge, so thank you for avoiding this kind of absurd statements, under penalty of exclusion from the forum.

Moreover I repeat again that the accusations of cheating (or say insinuations in your case), on the part of players or ourselves are unacceptable on this forum.

It's not because it's the others who win that cheating ...

The Web'

03/06/2008 04:54:47

Hello I would like to point out to the webmaster if he hasn't noticed it by himself that some players trust the first places in the scratch games and this with amazing scores. I would like to know how to get such scores in 15 daily games on 2 or 3 games at the same time. that this happens once in a while would already be remarkable but almost every week we find these same 6 or 7 players that I would not name as the top ranking of these games. either these people are very lucky or the few thousand other players would have a better chance at euromillions. if you have a rational explanation I am a taker but let me be very septic about the credibility of the mega challenge.

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