Player baron35 posted a message on 20/03 02:57 on the MadLotto Forum: and the roulette wheel?. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  and the roulette wheel?
30/03/2007 21:17:35

I loved this game enormously! And I imagine that I alone in this case 😢
It would have been nice if madwin officials ask the opinion of the players! But it seems that they do not care royally of our opinion!
So the next game you are going to delete is which one?
As far as I'm concerned, I considered this game a reward for those who bought a lot of credits 🌹
It's a shame and I think you have everything to gain by putting it back as before! That is my opinion !
Good evening to all

30/03/2007 21:26:31

I repeat again: on the contrary we listen to our players by removing the least played games, it's even totally logical.
And again, there are actually some players who liked this game, it is undeniable, but the majority wins, it's like that.

I understand that you are disappointed, but we can not do a different MadWin for each player!

Good games anyway ... and subject closed, there will be no more published answers, because read that we "royally fooled our players" when we know the time we spend and all the energy devoted to create new games (which are also much more played than Roulette ...), frankly I do not understand!

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30/03/2007 11:48:21

Uh ... well the poll is done simply: roulette was one of the least played games! Which is quite logical because it was also one of our oldest games ... players get tired ... There are more than 100 times more Poker Chic games that are played every day!

Again, every time we remove a game, there will necessarily be some decus, we understand them and believe that we think for a long time before removing a game! But it is impossible to please everyone, even if we do everything possible for that! But we want MadWin to be a dynamic site, so we must renew the games regularly!

That said, a Roulette may come one day, but not this one, if only because it has really aged ... and our new games are so much more beautiful!

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30/03/2007 02:53:31

I understand that you are disappointed, it would take a survey before removing a game! 😥


29/03/2007 15:24:16

keffe wrote:
Yes, I'm really sad too! Roulette was the only game I did ... I really do not know what to do ...

I too miss roulette because it brought me a lot of mpts. ; not very honest from madwin !! If, because a game pays well, he suppresses it every time, there is enough to ask questions.
SUPER DECU ........... 😡

25/03/2007 11:51:54

Yes, I'm really sad too! Roulette was the only game I did ... I really do not know what to do ...

20/03/2007 02:57:08

I'm mixed ! the new chic poker game is nice but forkoi to have removed the roulette ! c the ki game made me win the most points (666 pts per game) ! I think that's why this game was deleted ! the players won too much per game ! c means I'm not happy (devil)

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