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Subject :  Help
28/10/2014 19:07:06


I know it's not the right place but I do not find the appropriate place: /

I would like to know what is a clan of the cup buzz?
And how to earn clicks on his link?

Thanks in advance, phduc

29/10/2014 00:19:03

Good evening phduc there is no clan in the buzz cut

The clans are on the site, you can create your own clan or integrate an existing clan

To gain clicks on your link, place it on the forum (it's done), on social networks, look on the homepage of madwin there are the rules concerning the buzz cut

You can also post your questions on the wall for the opinion of the members (do not put your link cut buzz on the wall, they asked that it be done on the forum)

You will find the wall tab on the homepage

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