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Subject :  eldorado
27/09/2011 01:37:28

Hello, I hope I do not duplicate with my request, I wanted to have some clarification on the bonuses of this game.

1st ... about the bonus that can win suddenly on his left or double, if for example, I do not use any, I find 3 say on the same grid, it means that if I double 3 times a gift, 3 times will win? or is it just the first time ....

2nd .... regarding the bonus 2nd chance, I understand that it allows me to retry my chance, but is it possible if I lose my first "doublet", not to retry with this bonus, or this bonus does it automatically have a 2nd chance?

I hope I have been clear and thank you in advance for all your ..... enlightenment :)

Good night all

28/09/2011 23:35:04

Good evening,

2 remarks on the validity of the bonuses:

- When you have the "Double" bonus, a comment appears next to the "yes" button for the next double or double . No comment => no active bonus. No confusion possible.

- Similarly if we successively click on 2 bonus (or even a bonus followed by a penalty), a comment appears, stating that we lose the benefit of the first ...

28/09/2011 17:30:19

Hi, I'm a little surprised and disappointed and disgusted .... lol

I had to keep a bonus double winner, another 2nd chance, I find the coffee maker, I tell myself that I can double without fear, I just did not know that these two bonuses only worked on the next box, I thought that so much that we do not double, we do not use them ...

As a result my coffee maker has jumped, grrrrrr😈

27/09/2011 15:11:14

thank you Cyrius, well I was lucky so doubling my win twice! :)

have a good day

27/09/2011 13:28:33


The "Double" bonus is not cumulative.

In case of quit or double loser the 2nd chance bonus leaves you the choice: either you retake the quit or double, or you leave with the kdo. The bonus is automatically used on the first losing bet.

Good games.

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