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Subject :  Free Arabesque Bonus: 6 or 7 letters?
12/07/2011 12:37:50


according to the bonus rule for the free Arabesque game, you must compose a word of at least 6 letters to get the bonus. Off, in the game, with a 6-letter word composed, I am asked to make a word of at least 7 letters ... so, where is the error?

Thanks for the answer or the correction of one or the other of the rules.


04/10/2011 11:14:14


I am asked to complete a bonus game before I can play arabesque

What is this bonus game?

18/07/2011 16:43:52


You confuse Free Arabesque and Arabesque paying at 6, 9 or 11 credits. Arabesque Free lets you earn points and checks with the progressive jackpot that starts at one hundred euros. Paying Arabesque earn you points, small gifts or if you find the loot, you choose a gift from the list

For free arabesque, if you make a ten letter word, you have the right to two clicks into the bonus game.


14/07/2011 23:36:16

I encountered the same problem, the 6-letter word is refused, it takes a 7-letter word.
Moreover, norlament it is written that one can play with free spins. Since yesterday, I am asked 11 credits for a click. I think there must be a bug on the game.

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