Player pop50 posted a message on 18/11 03:59 on the MadLotto Forum: Departure from Claudie92. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Departure from Claudie92
18/11/2010 03:59:04

Very soon my dear Mom, who came regularly to converse here will leave me the place because it plays very little!

Madwin having accepted (and I thank them) my modification of pseudo (the older known me under the name of Poppers50) I want to reassure you I would remain as friendly as was claudie!

I very often share the same opinions and I sometimes answered on his behalf so d ^ you it is claudiejunior who takes the torch without changing the flame

Sincerely to all

Date of message edition 18/11/2010 20:33:12

24/11/2010 15:59:54

Oops, what a surprise 😥😥

All my regards to MamanClaudie and nice to meet you ClaudieJunior

See you soon, on the forum 😎

And, many 🌹🌹🌹 to MamanClaudie

22/11/2010 17:09:53

Hello Claudie, Poppers50 and the next generations to come 🙋

Hoping that our claudie will come from time to time to give us a little greeting from time to time 😂

See you soon on this forum with passion 🙁y): 🙁y):

Have a nice day 🌹

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