Player mosoma posted a message on 27/06 15:01 on the MadLotto Forum: DIABOLOTO. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  6 12 17 20 31 43  : Winners : 1088 

Subject :  DIABOLOTO
11/07/2006 10:02:56

I won the same thing you miss you have to click on a link you will have in your account, your gifts you won and then you no longer have to let yourself be guided. Good luck to you

27/06/2006 15:01:33

1wave: here I am new on this site and I just saved 15 days of DVD rental and I don't know where to go to get them. thank you for inquiring. anyway the site and genial and the games are having a good time. see you soon(mdr)(sing);-)

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