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Subject :  new old jack game
14/03/2007 20:40:11

I find this game extra even if it does not earn a lot of points, I make an average of 80 pts

13/03/2007 22:06:37

I love this new game!
I have already done 141 POINTS in one part, it is only logic we must calculate all the possibilities, I love!
here is already an addict!
go hang on, you'll get there, there's no reason, because I'm not super brainy either!

13/03/2007 15:16:02

Totally agree with you

12/03/2007 23:45:41

I'm disappointed by the new old jack |down game
personally it doesn't earn me many points ( it's too intellectual for me ;-) mdr) but in addition you have removed the game from the memory space that I loved and that it earned me many more points!!!!!!!!

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