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Subject :  Question
28/02/2007 14:46:37

The happy new year game was a special operation now c pharaoh !! it is on the first page above batch cache ..

27/02/2007 20:41:55

me c weird I do not find the game happy new year so if you could tell me where he was it would be nice thank you to you

14/02/2007 14:10:07

Thank you for your answers!

It was mere curiosity without envy or jealousy! I am not to complain far from it I win and I am delighted!
And then so much for them they invest much as much as it brings them otherwise they would not play anymore!

MADWIN is the best gaming site I know open to all or have won and in addition we receive the gifts quickly!

Kisses to all !!!

12/02/2007 15:44:46

Happy New Year? Quesako?

11/02/2007 15:52:39

Hi mary🙋, I think there is no secret big players (who buy a lot of credits) have the probabilities of significant gains with them and luck, of course..ex: Mr "Hercule91" who must invest a lot but who wins at ALL games, ALL gifts and the biggest often ... it may seem suspicious but I think we must do with the luck of others and then all the better for them we will say😉

06/02/2007 11:43:29

Hello everyone,

Tell a question how do some people win several times in a row or not to play Happy New Year ????


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