Player NinizzOu posted a message on 19/06 21:31 on the MadLotto Forum: Madpoints+. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  6 12 17 20 31 43  : Winners : 1088 

Subject :  Madpoints+
25/06/2007 08:31:52


23/06/2007 23:11:24

Thank you.

Good luck to you too 😃

20/06/2007 19:21:44

it is enough for you to cliker on cado you will be able to see what they serve you precisely or when there are special operations you can also exchange them for participations here hoping that I answered your question I tell you good continuation and good games

19/06/2007 21:31:27

Hello all over the world!!! :wave:
Actually I wanted to know what they were used for. Thank you for your answers (pink)

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