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Subject :  why?????
25/06/2007 23:40:42

Good evening to everyone 🌹

There is nothing to make a dish for a game that disappears!

There will be new things to come and I am sure that among these you will find your happiness !!

Is not it? You who answer to everything 🎤

mdr mdr mdr mdr mdr

Have a good evening and 🍸

20/06/2007 19:25:43

oh well there are plenty of other games and the novelty not bad either go good luck

15/06/2007 10:19:13

😵 I understand your disappointment but it's still nice novelty no? new games, with great animations and sublime designs, what better?

Long live the news on madwin !!

14/06/2007 18:32:29

agree with you for the breakout it brings in a lot of pts for those who can not buy credits. Hi

14/06/2007 01:52:25

Hello to all
I would like to announce my disappointment about the removal of my only two games that I found interesting: bowling and especially brick-breaking!
So I wanted to know why the management removed them, especially the last one, which will leave us next month, and which brought me about 400MP+ per game!


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